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A few centimeters… clever. I like to write on a level that most can understand. Readers Digest has sold millions of copies of their product by writing the 6e school level. Their goal was to make more money. My goal is to reach as many people as possible in order to arouse their interest in certain topics. Using long, rarely used words makes the author look educated, but loses readers. Here are some press releases that bother me.

Biden wants to forgive up to $20,000 in student debt for eligible borrowers. I have a child who has student debt. She never told me how much and never will. She is autonomous and could repay it at some point.

I couldn’t afford college, so I joined the military and was lucky enough to be posted and trained to become an air traffic controller. I also earned the “GI bill” serving four years in the Air Force. I used that money to earn my pilot ratings. These notes have served me well in my chosen field. A degree in aviation management would have been beneficial, but not before my retirement. All of the above said, I am strongly against forgiving these student loans. It is not the cancellation of the loan. It transfers $240 billion from those who signed up to repay those loans to YOU ​​and ME. Remember that all funds the government receives come from the public. Most people who have used these loans to take courses for a low-paying or scarce job market think they deserve this bailout.

A California bill designed to combat misinformation and misinformation about COVID 19 by medical professionals passed the state Senate last Monday night.

why is it important: The bill could see doctors and other medical professionals who spread misinformation or misinformation about COVID face disciplinary action for “unprofessional conduct” by the Medical Board of California or the Osteopathic Medical Board of California, which could include suspension or revocation of their state license. If Governor Gavin Newsom signed the bill, California would be the first state to take legal action against doctors in response to the spread of misinformation about COVID.

Who decides what is misinformation. After all, the medical profession has different views on how to treat almost anything. Never heard of a second opinion. Are we going to let the DOJ or the state medical department dictate what should be prescribed. The pharmacist who contributes the most to a political action fund will most likely have the best treatment drug.

Newsom wants to close some state prisons and transfer hundreds of prisoners to county jails. This is a great idea if you want your budget to be good and the burden of inmate housing to be on the counties.

It would make more sense to outsource to private prisons. A few years ago, there was a plan to do just that, but the Correctional Officers Union jumped on the governor for trying to cut jobs. The union has not done its homework.

If you retired from the state and worked for one of these private prisons, you would make more money and cancel more if you were still with the state. I know it’s a fact because I did it. Retired from the FAA in 1997 and worked for SERCO as Fullerton Control Tower Manager. I not only earned more, due to my work and my FAA retirement, but I also contributed to another retirement account.

California is moving towards small gasoline/diesel vehicles. I see the need to reduce carbon emissions, but again they don’t see far enough ahead. Gasoline/diesel taxes pay for the maintenance of the state road network.

I am the few that still operate petrol/diesel vehicles that have to pay more taxes to support the funding that has run out. Fuel prices will skyrocket. Note: The people who will be most affected are the lower classes who need transport to get to work and transport companies. If the trucking industry passes the cost increase, inflation will ensue. Everything you eat, drink, wear or use was once in a truck. Yes Amazon uses trucks.

The Biden administration just claimed to have created millions of jobs. The actual quote was “America has created ten million thousand jobs” since Biden took office. Fact-checking indicates that most people entering the workforce return after COVID sends them home. Fact-checking also indicates that many newly employed people are those who get extra jobs to compensate for inflation. The Fact Check also says the Trump administration had a dismal “jobs created” record and inherited an upward trend from the Obama administration.

Bill White is a retired air traffic controller/commercial pilot who lives in Springville.

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