Student loans: what happened to personal liability?

When President Joe Biden first announced that he was considering eliminating student loans, I wrote him a letter. I congratulated him, as our country needs positive change, and asked him to consider eliminating outrageous interest (some more than the loan) for faster payoff – not total elimination!

This irritates me enormously because I do my best to be an honest and responsible citizen. I signed the repayment contract after college. It wasn’t easy, but I made it part of my monthly budget along with other responsible bills. It seems to follow the current trend with a lot of things in life, “It’s always somebody else’s fault.” What happened to the responsibility of your own life? You made the decision, you signed the dotted line, you left the sidewalk reading your text, but the driver is at fault?

Biden’s written response acknowledging receipt of my letter was appreciated. Nothing on loans. Looks like we all have to pay the government again for everyone else.

Leon White, Seattle

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