Battle of the direct debit orders: student loans vs medical aid

We say “more money, more problems”, but you have to admit that it can be hard to see it that way.

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On the one hand, we find it hard to believe that billionaires get the same sinking feeling when their debit orders start arriving on the first of a new month.

And it reminds us, today is the day.

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It’s October 1st and that means you’ve either avoided your phone or you’ve already glanced at that unfortunate text message that popped up on your phone screen.

Yes, the debit orders have started to arrive.

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And just like that, the amount in your bank account has decreased drastically and there might even be an “insufficient funds” message in the near future.

The sadness of it all.

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This morning, Stacey and J Sbu were on your air a little earlier than usual, which means they also saw their debit order notifications earlier than usual.

They asked KZN: Is there one debit order that hits you a little more than the others? Which pick order ends up traumatizing you the most?

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