Month: October 2021

Biden administration canceled $ 1.5 billion in student loans via borrower defense: how to apply

The Biden administration approved $ 1.5 billion in borrower defense for repayment requests between January and July. You can claim a borrower defense waiver if your school has misled you or violated state law. (iStock) President Joe Biden has campaigned to write off up to $ 10,000 in student loan debt per borrower, but federal […]

Navient abandons student loans: what’s happening now for borrowers? Is your account secure?

About 6 million student loan borrowers are lender-less after Navient announced it was pulling out of the federal student loan game. Now these borrowers are waiting to be matched with new lenders. The company had an outstanding student loan portfolio totaling $ 1.7 trillion. This has made Navient one of the largest service providers in […]

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