Month: February 2021

CDFI: The Community Spirit That Saves Payday Loan Borrowers | Money

Kathryn Smart was struggling to make ends meet at the start of England’s last lockdown. The 45-year-old typically earns £ 1,100 a month working at a debt collection agency in Sunderland, but has cut back her hours to help with home schooling for her six-year-old son. Smart needed money to support her family, but knew […]

Kansans Protests Payday Loan Interest

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – The Kansans band together on Monday to protest high interest payday loans. Topeka JUMP said residents across Kansas have come together to urge lawmakers to pass payday loan and auto title reform. He said that Kansas law currently allows payday and car title lenders to charge interest rates of up to […]

Payday Loan Use Rises Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, New Investigation Finds

TORONTO – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are using the services of payday and installment loan companies, which charge higher fees and interest rates than traditional banks , according to an anti-poverty group. Acorn Canada held protests in nine different cities across the country, including Toronto, on Wednesday to raise awareness of what […]

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