Month: October 2020

Rising Payday Loans Amid Pandemic Raises Concern

Loans usually carry high interest rates, which could trap the borrower in a cycle of indebtedness. TAMPA, Fla .– As stimulus talks stagnate, more Americans are desperate for financial relief, and local experts say this is leading many to rely on payday loans to make ends meet. These loans often have high interest rates and […]

Payday Loans Trap Social Security Recipients in Debt

Bloomberg / Getty Images In Spanish | The downturn in the economy could push more Social Security beneficiaries to take out high-interest payday loans, risking getting caught in an ever-increasing cycle of debt. A payday loan is typically a short-term loan of less than $ 500 typically intended for low-income people. The fees typically range […]

5 types of personal loans to consider

When it comes to financing, it pays to choose the best option for your situation. (iStock) Personal loans are the fastest growing type of consumer debt – you may have even considered applying. Personal loans can be an effective way to consolidate debt, pay for unscheduled home repairs, or make a major purchase. But is […]

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